Saturday, November 12, 2016


This is my Personal Learning Network sources. I have been building my network over the semester, by going out and finding great resources, educators, and ect. I was so excited to gather new resources to better educate myself to be a better teacher. I came across these new sources by my peers, researching, and even accidentally finding these new great sources. I went out of my comfort zone and tried to make myself a better educated. I think it is important for people to test themselves, and to go out of their comfort zone to learn from many other educators. I used Pinterest, Instagram, Podcasts, Zoom, Ted Talks, Lynda, Twitter, Blogs, Author, and Snapchat. Here is a picture of the new resources I did, and a description is provided on how and why I use it. 

My PLN wasn't a whole lot at all. I had phone calls, text, past teachers I had, and snapchat (but didn't use it to grow my PLN). I did't get a whole lot of great answers to my questions because I didn't have the PLN to get my questions answered. I also didn't have a place where I could share my thoughts.

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