Saturday, November 12, 2016

PLN Part 2

This is my Part 2 of my PLNs. The accounts that are on here are Lynda, Twitter, Blogs, Author, and Snapchat! I will continue to grow my PLNs, and this is just the beginning to a whole lot more to come!

My PLN now includes past teachers, current professors, phone calls/text messages to educators, Snapchat, Twitter account, Pinterest account, Instagram account, websites to different author of books, different educator blogs, wonderful discussions on Lynda, listening to different Podcasts, video meetings with Zoom, and listening to Ted Talks. That is a whole lot more than I started with, and it was awesome to get all these different view points from others. I learned so much from there that a class couldn't teach me because they are other's thoughts and opinions. My PLN will only keep growing!


This is my Personal Learning Network sources. I have been building my network over the semester, by going out and finding great resources, educators, and ect. I was so excited to gather new resources to better educate myself to be a better teacher. I came across these new sources by my peers, researching, and even accidentally finding these new great sources. I went out of my comfort zone and tried to make myself a better educated. I think it is important for people to test themselves, and to go out of their comfort zone to learn from many other educators. I used Pinterest, Instagram, Podcasts, Zoom, Ted Talks, Lynda, Twitter, Blogs, Author, and Snapchat. Here is a picture of the new resources I did, and a description is provided on how and why I use it. 

My PLN wasn't a whole lot at all. I had phone calls, text, past teachers I had, and snapchat (but didn't use it to grow my PLN). I did't get a whole lot of great answers to my questions because I didn't have the PLN to get my questions answered. I also didn't have a place where I could share my thoughts.